Worst Football Dives Compilation

By , March 13, 2012 4:05 pm

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25 Responses to “Worst Football Dives Compilation”

  1. joe18181 says:

    this is why soccer sux ass

  2. smokoy96 says:

    haha I still can’t get over that Gilardino dive

  3. SebFialkiewiczTV says:

    @shark5643 man utd?

  4. antonymisfit says:


  5. gilbololigist says:

    there on camra why dont they just give up

  6. megafleetman1 says:

    is there a dive button in fifa, i never wasted money on it

  7. AntiTrollage says:

    Not realy dives, just network lag

  8. LivingInBadFaith says:

    This is why soccer is a joke outside europe.

  9. thehoolies says:

    Songs off FIFA 05

  10. thunderpantherx says:

    Futbol at its best!! Oh wait….

  11. merrick104 says:

    omg gillardinho that was pathetic

  12. DavidSloanVideos says:

    Thumbs UP if you agree? he looks like he havin g stroke 00:24.

  13. 3101jimbo says:

    @shark5643 the bastards fucking invented it lmao !

  14. lordloss156 says:

    i type ‘drogba’ and videos of divers come up XDDDDD

  15. CRFanBoy says:

    Lehman was fouled….

  16. aznjigga13 says:

    @shark5643 i couldnt agree more.
    that’s what they do in training.

  17. mindelex says:

    0:38 LOL

  18. weatherallc05 says:

    fifa 05 mateee

  19. MakeMeFLY17 says:

    @Marquizi98 U mean rofl?

  20. Futteklap says:

    1:14 Alberto Gilardino is pathetic but hilarious.

  21. Futteklap says:

    @FelinhoFreestyler But he didnt have contac with the sliding player and afterwards he play injured.

  22. spudfurfy says:

    i would pay to see all of them play rugby ha fukin bunch of pussys

  23. animalchin101 says:

    football is just filled with a bunch of pussies
    it shoul not be allowed that they make so much money from it

  24. Marquizi98 says:

    0:27 Wow…ROTFL

  25. o0felix950o says:

    oh man der letzte ey