23 Replies to “Alex Morgan Goal vs Canada (Olympics)”

  1. McCleeodd is how you just pronounced McCleod (McCloud). Wow bud. If you want to me taken seriously you might want to be informed.

  2. For an American hater you sure like a lot that is American especially its music and singers. What country are you from? Not Afghanistan, that’s for sure.

  3. Yes, in the 2010 Winter Olympics the Canadians was ranked first and had more Gold Medals-14, than the 3rd ranked US-9, but the US had more total medals-37 than Canada-28. In the prior eight winter Olympics the US was ranked ahead of Canada. But what has this to with this soccer game? Why are Canadians & Americans on this video bashing each other over a game? That’s all it is a GAME. Canada & the US have been close friends way before any on you were born, and this game will not change that.

  4. Your just some American from some shit town who has been lead to believe they are superior to everyone and everything outside of america and because of that you are completely ignorant to the actual world outside your ignorant society, a society which has been based off a false economy and is in the process of collapsing.

  5. I’m not surprised the ratio of medal to population was a hard concept for you to understand you don’t sound like a very intelligent person.

  6. you are a typical sore loser canadian asshole. I see you use that same old bullshit excuse ‘ oh canada doesn’t have the population , thats why we don’t win more medals at the games .BULLSHIT . Australia has less peple then canada , and they always do better then Canada at the games . Canada needs to spend more $ on training it’s people . there a reason all you top talent ends up in the US .You mentioned numbers here numbers USA 104 medals 46 of them gold Canada 18 medals 1 of them gold .

  7. “Winter sports” is not one sport, but many. So it can’t be a “top 5 sport”. Did you get through grade school?

  8. The U.S. doesn’t even have winter sports in it’s top 5 sports. How can you even compare? Excuses for losing.

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