24 Replies to “Best Soccer Dives”

  1. Love all the anti American posts here on this American made website.

  2. @caldwell971 what do you mean foriegn? As in they’re not from your country of origin? Or they play premier league but aren’t English? Cos let me tell you if the premier league was only played with English players then nobody would watch it. Regardless any player on this video should be ashamed, this diving stuff drove me away from the sport. Real shame FIFA haven’t done more to combat it.

  3. @mrzackamaniac you scare of me that you had to hide your channel? ahahahaa..and ”soccer” are you talking about the mls shit league in the u.s.? and a man sport that wouId be Rugby. cause FootbaII wouId be more of a skill game thats why its caIIed the beautiful game.

  4. @sc0rpoon Oh no! Frenchie is going to hit him with his purse. Why don’t you roll up your skirt and play a man sport; hockey baseball, football, lacrosse, heck,Pokemon is more of a sport than soccer?

  5. so much eurotrash mad that they have to fairy diving soccer, also lmfao at french frogs

  6. @sc0rpoon Because the bitches in this video are totally not gay or anything, also before you comment on a video try learning the language you’re talking in before you say anything.

  7. @sc0rpoon So you’re sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, and can’t spell. Wow, kinda stupid to pass judgement on someone while you sound like a dumb cunt pickle…

  8. At the beginning that ‘learn to dive’ thing – what the? this is… some fake thing right? some kind of… comedy show? please?

  9. This so called sport should only be spoken in the same breath as synchronized swimming.

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