24 Replies to “Bill O’Reilly : Balloon Boy Controversy Vs Obama SNL”

  1. @bcherbs why exactly do the kids need an ass whooping? They didn’t do anything.

  2. “experts” talking about genuine signs of distress/relief. fucking idiots. can’t fucking tell shit.

  3. those kids need a mofukin asswhoppin….damn strate….damn those goddamn kids piss me off….>=(

  4. You miss the point.

    Information is useless unless it’s accurate. Quantity is not as important as quality, fool.

  5. “that kind of emotion couldn’t be faked”

    anyone who has seen any decent movie or play knows this statement is demonstrably untrue

  6. Make them pay! Calling the FAA what a total disgrace. Why cannot people think for themselves anymore? Excuse me,”So many of us thought he was in the ballon” are you kidding me!! Really strange, what a nation of dumbbells no wonder other countries are doing so much better. What a bunch of mental cases. Here a solution,the state take the children. Put the parents in jail. I really hope these crazy people face some, “reality” in jail.

  7. Thats not what he said. Forgive me for expecting news outlets to follow due dillegence to give a complete and impartial report that doesnt need to be filtered to find the truth behind it. If i had to double check everytyhing i heard, id spend more time making sure that the information i receive is accurate than actually receiving information.

  8. The garage’s attic, you idiot.

    Media would suck for me too, if I couldn’t put the dots together for myself. Don’t fool yourself.

  9. What? You do realize that the boy was never in the balloon to begin with. And sorry to deliver this news to you, but MJ isn’t in heaven, he’s in Satin’s Neverland.

    I’m an atheist, but I can dream cant I?

  10. Even if charged, they probably wont serve any time, they will just be required to pay restitution for more than $20,000.

  11. okay, let me clarify my position on this.

    i’m not saying that it WASN’T a hoax. all i’m saying is that if you’re convinced it’s a hoax, you’ll see things through that light.

  12. I don’t think Falcon and the other two boys should be let off the hook. They need to be tried as adults and serve harsh prison sentences to show that America is tuff on crime. I’m sure there’s even a Republican politician
    (Palin?) out there who could deliver us Falcon Heeney to the electric chair. If we don’t, then we are pussified like they rapped about

  13. I am so glad that they got that kid down though. Almost thought MJ got take out from heaven.

  14. Who sucks more? The dad or bill oreally? Plus was he in the garage or the attic? Mainstream media sucks so bad.

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