7 Replies to “CNN: World Cup soccer ball controversy”

  1. @dylanak78 your retarted barca suck ass there broke right now go chelsea ass hole

  2. @dylanak78 Yeah compare club teams to national teams…

    Fucking idiot…

    Anyway, I think the ball is good for soccer. The more unpredictable the game is, the more exciting it is. Unpredictable ball = more goals and more goals = more excitement. I just think the timing was bad. They should’ve introduced this ball sooner.

  3. @dylanak78 First you list 3 National teams and then 1 club team? You do know that right? lol… Just saying, dont come back snapping at me.

  4. england, australia, and italy suck dick!! barcelona is the most badass team,,they are only complaining because they suck dick!!,,GO BARCELONA!!!

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