8 Replies to “Craig Johnston’s criticism of the World Cup Jabulani ball o”

  1. I have no problem with my jabulani, if anything i find it slighty more sensitive with other balls so it is very good for noticing mistakes apart from that the only thing it does differently is it flies slightly different on crosses but only very slightly

  2. We have some Jabulani balls at training. I’m a goalkeeper and I was standing behind another of our keepers and a bit to the side, and he had a ball flying at him and the ball dipped at the last second in midflight and it went flying into his shins instead of into his hands. It made him look bad for a second, but we all saw the ball move.

    They are nice to shoot with though. They come off the foot well with hard driven shots. I always have shots at halftime if I’m on the bench :p

  3. I couldn’t remember anything too drastically different about the Jabulani. Still managed to get my crosses and corners into the box fine. But then again, I only played 1 full match with it, and I’m not a pro player and definitely not an expert direct free kick taker, so maybe there are much finer points to it.

  4. Predator shoes didn’t really have any effect on your shots and passes. I haven’t used the Jubalani, but it wouldn’t surprise me if there wasn’t really any difference. I’m guessing all of this critisism and hoopla is possibly by design.

  5. One of the most passionate intelligent Football individuals in the world inventor of the Adidas predator boots and bagging Adidas latest creation. Designed for Germanic Football, no dancing round players just straight attack, straight shooting. The days of flair and craft are gone. Unfair advantage? a German made ball designed for German style football and introduced to Germans before other Leagues could abolish their Nike balls…You dont have to wonder how FIFA operates behind the scenes.

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