22 Replies to “Drogba gone Mad : Chelsea vs Barcelona”

  1. lol every one cheats you son of the biggest whore in the world son of a bitch fuckin asshole dickhead cunt

  2. i used to like ronaldinho’s barcelona, but i hate UEFAlona’s current team, excluding valdes, because even UEFAlona’s supporters hate him and i feel sorry for him! (lol, joking) they have a lot of supporters in FIFA and united – in FA!.. I can’t believe how lucky they were in this game to get away with cheating! stupid referee!

  3. My 1st comment is frm this years match RETARD !!!!! U came with ur ass n started replying about 2009 match without even mentioning it but u know what ? it doesnt matter what u people say …we won the CL that year n even after tht…. Chelsea won this year but guess what Barcelona is still the best Club in the Whole World so go Fuck Urself n stop annoying us !

  4. You glory hunting retard, I was talking about the game from this video you idiot. Of course Barca fans dont remember that (or doesn`t want to) #FuckingDisgraceForever

  5. We had One shot at goal ?! Clear ur facts idiot ! Its more like url had 1 shot on target we had like a Hundred ! And we had beaten url …tht Torres goal wasent essential…. But anyway i dont want to hold a Grudge…. Congrats Chelsea …it was negative tactics but it worked against us n i can guarentee tht next year Chelsea has no Chance Against us 🙂

  6. Well you guys had the ref and one shot at goal against us so no need to complain with us having god when we had to do a comeback away from home with ten men, no centrebacks and ramires among other attackers as right-back and defenders. Still won. Fact is, the only team Pep could never beat with the “best team in the world” is none other than The Kings of Europe, Chelsea FC!!!

  7. The only team that Pep Guardiola could not beat in his 4-year reign @ Barcelona was CHELSEA…….

  8. I hv been a Barca fan since Ronaldiniho…i must say i was disappointed when i say this !
    And please stop claiming Barca buys ref’s and UEFA – u make ur self sound like a 10 year old….they r professionals and i agree they made mistakes….
    And sure as Heaven GOD was with Chelsea this year….only 3 shots on target n those 3 hv resulted in Goals and all the Barca shots hitting the Post soo many times
    But i m proud of Barca this year they played pure football 🙂

  9. Yes he does, and what does it matter? He still dives? Diving less doesnt mean it doesnt count. Busquets dives, Alves dives, maybe a couple of others, but players like Messi for example, I’ve never seen dive in my life. People demonize them because they’re successful, they do have individual cheaters, but so does every team.

  10. Drogba can fuck off, he’s one of the biggest divers I’ve ever seen, I could understand if it was Lampard having this rant, but not Drogba.

  11. I can’t be the only one that smiled after Drogba says “fucking disgrace!”

    Then you hear the commentators. “ughh!” hahahaha

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