25 Replies to “Lionel Messi Never Dives Part 2 – New Compilation | HD”

  1. Messi is a legend, he plays fairly, he doesn’t dive every match like Bitchiano Ronaldo.

  2. ironic that you charge him with judging from youtube videos, you just linked a comment to one, saying “Never dives? (link) Think again cocksucking fanboys” looks like you just judged messi by a youtube video

  3. it’s funny cause messi doesn’t dive but he practically plays with the entire spanish team, all of whom are divers.

  4. You judge players behaviour by a couple of youtube videos? It shows you dont watch football, and you play fifa all day (hence, profile pic u virgin).
    And you say I have no life, heheheh. Go buy a mirror

  5. In that video he dives three times, in a Ronaldo video i saw he dived 29 times. Good job you no life prick

  6. i respect your opinion but seriously del horno one wasnt a dive. come one man u gotta be joking, chelsea players everyone was taking messi apart with kicking and thrashing.

  7. never diving means someone kicking u n pulling to a piont that causes a faul but you keep going n if you fall you get back up n fight for the ball n ive only seen leo messi does that and jack wilshere arsenals captain only these two players that ive seen do that a lot which is beautifull to see cuz it shows you how much they are patiente about the game n never waana lose the ball

    This is why MESSI deserves MORE THAN Ballon D’Or
    Best human being

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