Norwich City has a dilemma on their hands as Alex Neil

Norwich City has a dilemma on their hands as Alex Neil

The Norwich City has a dilemma on their hands as Alex Neil is having trouble determining whether or not he wants to risk putting Nathan Redmond in for the weekend battle versus Newcastle United. If there’s more injury, it could be more serious or provoke a worse injury than the original ankle injury.

The ankle injury was a sudden jolt for the Norwich midfielder which came during a 0 to 0 draw versus Manchester City. This happened in mid-March and has only recently started returning to training to make a recovery and to hopefully jump back into the field. This week, he’s been busy doing rigorous training and trying everything to ensure that his ankle will be fully healed for the next game.

Alex Neil is kind of on the fence but must act fast and is being put under the microscope to make a fast decision. Making a fast decision could end badly but if Redmond feels that he’s ready to play, he might just be ready to play. Newcastle and Norwich have a history of having a hard rivalry so this game is very important for both sides involved. Neil stated in the Eastern Daily press that his ankle was recovering just fine and while he has joined back into the team, the decision to whether or not he’ll be able to play is going to be a last minute decision.

“I’m just a little bit concerned it might be too early for him.” He lastly stated that Redmond is going to be monitored on Friday and then the decision will be made immediately after that. The decision is going to cut it dangerously close to game time but with so many stakes and so much pressure on Neil, the decision cannot be made any other way, according to Neil.

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