Norwich City has returned to the Premier League

Norwich City has returned to the Premier League

Alex Neil has accomplished something very impressive as he managed to guide Norwich City from the English Championship League and into the Premier League. This was done during his first season in charge of Norwich City.

It was earlier in January when Neil was appointed as the new coach of Norwich City and under the guidance of the Scottish manager, the English club managed to win 17 matches of their 25 which was played with Neil at the helm of it all.

The 34 year old Scottish manager said that he is ready to celebrate and be proud about what was done in the previous season.

Neil talked about Norwich City’s promotion to the Premier League and what he will do in the next few weeks as the Scottish manager told reporters: “I’m going to get a couple of beers and see my family and then look forward to heading off on holiday later this week. The goal was to gain promotion. We aimed for automatic. It was difficult but we got close. Than it was important that we remained focused. Felt the squad we had was a strong as anyone. Especially in one-off games like this, I thought the big players rose to the occasion and made the difference.’’

Norwich City was able to clinch the 3rd promotion spot of the English Championship League as they have secured their ticket into the top tier English League, the Premier League.

This promotion into the Premier League will allow Norwich City on getting a €130 million promotion jackpot which can make things a little bit easier for the club on signing players and doing whatever it may be needed to compete against the best teams in England and avoid getting relegated.

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