25 Replies to “Ratchet and Clank 3 action replay cheats”

  1. @TheGarcia350 Not on the PSN, it would be better if it came out on Blu-Ray… Think of those who don’t have an Internet connection on their PlayStation 3…

  2. @killerkrosser a trilogy collection pack on the PSN? hmm not a bad idea 🙂

  3. used to love this game but moved up to ps3 thumbs up if u think they should bring it out on ps3!

  4. I found out theres a link for free action replay and i finished the whole game 27 times in a day!

  5. @InsomniacLegit you can get it at gamestop, target, walmart, and all the electronics stores

  6. you guys dont have to cuss him just because he buyed the action replay

  7. watch when ur disc gets fucked up for these cheats useing to many cheat will glitch ur damn game and then have to throw it out bcuz its broke and ur useing moonjump to much u make it lame and who pays 40 bucks for that when i can hack it with my comp

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