25 Replies to “Same old Arsenal, always cheating”

  1. @stucool17 We arent talking about indiscipline we are talking abou cheating they are quite different.

  2. @Arsenal02071 If you’ve been following football so far this season you will have noticed that Arsenal have had a player sent off in almost every game, as well as Alex Song stamping on that Newcastle player.

  3. @Arsenal02071 How did United cheat in that match? Your interpretation of “cheating” is wrong. If a referee gives United a penalty, its not Uniteds fault. Every single striker in the modern game will go down easily to get penalties. Including Arsenal players. Arsenal players just have a tendency to be ill-disciplined during matches. That is where this chant originates, not because of diving. Watch the clip of Keown etc. bullying Van Nistelrooy after he misses the penalty, it’s horrible.

  4. Man Utd fans calling others cheats? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    It’s like Ronaldo, Nani and Rooney never happened!

  5. lets get 1 thing straight, 75 per cent of u arsenal fans dnt even come from london cuz the emirites is a ground full of tourists, and on the 27 youll be watchin the final on tv cuz ya all armchair supporter where as me i’ll be down there supporting the mighty blues COYB! THERES ONLY 1 MARTIN TAYLOR .

  6. Do you come, Do you come
    Do you come from Manchester?
    Do you come from Manchester?

  7. true soporter suport their own team and thea dont makes aongs about others teams an sig it at ur own fucking home stadums

  8. lol i dont no how man u fans have the front to call antohr team cheats when its a well known fact that they are the biggest cheating scum in football and always have bin

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