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  1. @blackatree haha funny, the name “soccer” was invented in england by english too

  2. hah 1:30
    2006 fifa world cup
    australia vs italy
    i watched that and cried when italy scored
    what a pathetic umpire

  3. This is fucking funny and sickening at the same time. This shit doesn’t belong in football

  4. Some (just some) of those aren’t dives. Is easy to lose balance if you run at high speed for a long period of time. Then again, some players I’ve seen deserve an Oscar.

  5. @hokiefan104 Even if that is right, British very rarely use it and americans (and canadians?) use it more cuz america has ”American Football” (Even though its mostly hands)

  6. @blackatree

    Technically it’s called association football and soccer is an abbreviation invented by the British during the Victorian era.

  7. People criticize diver only in soccer, they act like QB’s don’t ham up late tackles, or a player getting high sticked in the face. Open your eyes, it happens in every sport.

  8. I find it hilarious. They teach them to dive but very shitty like. If your trying to pull a free kick or sumthing then DON’T ROLL AROUND LIKE YOUR DOING THE WORM! Injured players in every other sport when injured just drop and stay still… thats how you fool a ref. Not by doing the Funky chicken on the ground!

  9. where’d the beginning come from?
    what show is that were they’re pracrticing diving?

  10. Can somebody tell me who they think are the top 10 biggest divers in the world?

  11. 1:33 worst dive ever. The Aussies had a really good chance of winning that game b/c Italy was down one man. Bad call by the refs, and Italy wins the championship, what a joke.

  12. you don’t see much diving in canadian football or in the NHL,for that matter.

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