25 Replies to “World’s Greatest Soccer Dive”

  1. he’s left footed
    before you make jokes get your facts right

    (still funny as hell)

  2. Yeah, he could at least offer him a game of hopscotch after the match.

  3. because Bryan Carrasco wore red too,

    and it’s not just Italians either

  4. actually futbol or soccor or football has been around longer then USA and its origin is around europe or asia

  5. you can if that’s what you call it in your culture, i honestly don’t care what you call it because to me it will still be baseball and soccer will still be soccer even if the rest of the world calls it football. saying something’s wrong just because it’s done differently in another country isn’t right. things are just different. i don’t get why you’re telling other people that they’re wrong about things done in their country and culture. it makes you look like an asshole to be honest :/

  6. just because our culture calls a sport by a different name doesn’t mean it’s wrong, just different.

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