24 Replies to “WORST FOOTBALL (Soccer) DIVERS and CHEATERS”

  1. @ElBananaEB Dont diss canadian/amarican soccer. We play like we play hockey. amazingly

  2. you missed one of the best dives of all time made by Nolito from benfica against maritimo. believe it or not the referee actually showed the defender an yellow card and gave benfica the penalty… Corruption at it’s prime lolololol

  3. @Shiversong44 pedro barely plays. Iniesta? one game. Dani alves? one game. Busquets? yes, he should be here but not only Cristiano gaynaldo from madrid should be here, also di maria, pepe, marcelo, biggest divers ever.

  4. @KingDcome11 what? where is Busquets, Dani Alves, Pedro Rodriguez and Iniesta?

  5. @gerfall WELL AT least he has never gotten a player sent off game by doing so , so how bout we talk about daniel alves.

  6. Their acting is so bad. I just couldn’t stop laughing, where are more videos like this one????

  7. at 0:52 he looks like he got struck by a lightning loll… These dudes are dumb**ses

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