Cesc Fabregas Superman Dive Theatrics V Bolton Wanderers

By , March 8, 2012 2:32 am

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11 Responses to “Cesc Fabregas Superman Dive Theatrics V Bolton Wanderers”

  1. Makie1977 says:

    Blatant dive. 

  2. erenvanpersie says:

    guys manozobe is a toothless retard his dad abused him the day he was born he was born as a spastic and will die as a spastic he supports tottenham and is a complete fail in life he’s also a homosexual who tries to act tough and furthermore he’s also a racist who has a whore of a mother hahahhahahahha manozobe=spastic retard who gets abused consistently by older men

  3. michelhovel says:

    that wasn’t a dive, but also not a foul.

  4. nick1177 says:

    @niktendo2000 and then grabs the ball like a fag

  5. milleralexjames83 says:

    Yeah, I call bullshit on this. Cesc, a true Spaniard, knows all about the art of the dive. But in this case, he legitimately trips over Davies right foot… embellished? Sure. A flat out dive? No way.

  6. GoverNzz says:

    lol first he dives then he uses his 100lb frame to try and shoulder barge Davies but fails at that more than the dive lol

  7. gunner4ify says:

    Whats wrong with this there are much more worse dives anyway.

  8. thealekk says:

    After Barcelona saw this they were completely sure. The lost dive… son needs to get home.

  9. niktendo2000 says:

    0:20 watch Fab’s right foot. This is an honest dive, he trips over Davies’ standing leg

  10. stevenash222 says:

    Because no other team cheats…. Dick

  11. MrTripleconne says: