Norwich City has a dilemma on their hands as Alex Neil

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By index, April 28, 2016 12:11 pm

The Norwich City has a dilemma on their hands as Alex Neil is having trouble determining whether or not he wants to risk putting Nathan Redmond in for the weekend battle versus Newcastle United. If there’s more injury, it could be more serious or provoke a worse injury than the original ankle injury.

The ankle injury was a sudden jolt for the Norwich midfielder which came during a 0 to 0 draw versus Manchester City. This happened in mid-March and has only recently started returning to training to make a recovery and to hopefully jump back into the field. This week, he’s been busy doing rigorous training and trying everything to ensure that his ankle will be fully healed for the next game.

Alex Neil is kind of on the fence but must act fast and is being put under the microscope to make a fast decision. Making a fast decision could end badly but if Redmond feels that he’s ready to play, he might just be ready to play. Newcastle and Norwich have a history of having a hard rivalry so this game is very important for both sides involved. Neil stated in the Eastern Daily press that his ankle was recovering just fine and while he has joined back into the team, the decision to whether or not he’ll be able to play is going to be a last minute decision. Continue reading 'Norwich City has a dilemma on their hands as Alex Neil'»

Nicklas Bendtner has joined the VfL Wolfsburg camp after the winter break

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By index, January 28, 2016 9:03 am

Although Nicklas Bendtner has joined the VfL Wolfsburg camp after the winter break, but, there is very possibility that he would not stay at the club.

There are reports that he might land at Sunderland in the next couple of weeks.

Bendtner has had a loan stint for the Black Cats in the past as well.

The Danish player was there at the Stadium of Light almost for the whole of 2011-12 Premier League and was a regular there.

And, that is the reason he is believed to be interested in going to Sunderland again as he desperately wants playing time.

In his recent interview to a channel, Bendtner, without any hesitation, accepted the fact that he is not relishing his time at Volkswagen Arena.

He was quoted as saying, “I think everyone knows how I am feeling at this point of time. It’s pretty clear.”

“I was given just 5 starts last year, while, there were more than 50 games.”

“Needless to say, it’s not a great situation as far as I am concerned.”

Apart from Bendtner, one more player is thinking about leaving Wolfsburg because of falling out of favour and that’s Bas Dost.

Dost had actually been a regular for most parts of the summer, but, lost his place to Max Kruse towards the end of 2015.

The Dutch striker, who is in his 4th season at Wolfsburg, is reported to be eyed by Newcastle United. Continue reading 'Nicklas Bendtner has joined the VfL Wolfsburg camp after the winter break'»

Norwich City has returned to the Premier League

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By index, June 27, 2015 7:58 am

Alex Neil has accomplished something very impressive as he managed to guide Norwich City from the English Championship League and into the Premier League. This was done during his first season in charge of Norwich City.

It was earlier in January when Neil was appointed as the new coach of Norwich City and under the guidance of the Scottish manager, the English club managed to win 17 matches of their 25 which was played with Neil at the helm of it all.

The 34 year old Scottish manager said that he is ready to celebrate and be proud about what was done in the previous season.

Neil talked about Norwich City’s promotion to the Premier League and what he will do in the next few weeks as the Scottish manager told reporters: “I’m going to get a couple of beers and see my family and then look forward to heading off on holiday later this week. The goal was to gain promotion. We aimed for automatic. It was difficult but we got close. Than it was important that we remained focused. Felt the squad we had was a strong as anyone. Especially in one-off games like this, I thought the big players rose to the occasion and made the difference.’’ Continue reading 'Norwich City has returned to the Premier League'»

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Norwich City lost more in the League Race

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By index, March 21, 2015 11:46 am

Norwich City lost further ground in the race for the automatic promotion spots after only managing a 1-1 draw against title rivals Derby County. Norwich were hoping to win this match by taking advantage of the home support.

The victory was more crucial for Norwich given that they had only recovered from the shock 1-0 defeat against Wigan Athletic. After a 4-1 win over Millwall last week, the club were expected to push on for a top spot. Despite being fifth in the table, they are only a couple of points away from the top of the tree.

There are midweek matches in the Championship and Norwich can hope to quickly recover and return to winning ways when they take on Huddersfield Town on Tuesday night. Manager Alex Neil says that he is counting on the club’s superior form away from home to take three points and possibly close the gap to the leaders. Norwich have won the last four away matches without exception and it has been a major reason towards their title push. Continue reading 'Norwich City lost more in the League Race'»

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