Norwich City is experiencing a number of changes which might hamper them

Norwich City is experiencing a number of changes which might hamper them

During the previous season of the Premier League, Norwich City was able to compete in the top tier English football competition but were relegated after finishing in the 19th spot and now Norwich City have taken a step back to the English League Championship.

After getting relegated, one of the initial objectives that Norwich City had was to snatch top position in the English League Championship and earn their promotion once again to the Premier League but this objective has been harder to accomplish than originally expected.

Norwich City has snatched the 10th spot of the English League Championship with 60 points from 41 matches and even though they still have a chance to secure a play-off promotion spot to the Premier League, it appears like it’s not going to happen as Norwich City has to play against clubs that have been doing fairly impressively in the season.

The opportunity of Norwich City to being able to earn a promotion spot to the English Premier League is still a realistic but a very difficult one to accomplish and especially for a club that has recently been experiencing a number of important changes including changing the head coach and the Sporting Director just to name a few of the more renowned switches.

Alan Irvine is the interim manager of Norwich City who still remain in charge of Norwich City until the end of the current season as he replaced Alex Neil on March 10 of 2017.

Another significant change that occurred in Norwich City is surrounding the Sporting Director as Stuart Webber was appointed as the new person in charge of this position and he has already outlined what he is planning to do in order to solve some of the issues that are going on in relation to having a stagnated team with the majority of the squad reaching their final few seasons.

‘’For me it’s simple. Football’s such a simple game which we all try and make complicated. For me, it’s about a team on the pitch that run around first and foremost, but run around with real structure. I want a team that plays exciting football and I want to be part of a club that I would be excited to watch’’ Norwich City’s Stuart Webber said as the recently selected Sporting Director outlined some of his plans.


From the looks of it, Stuart Webber is optimistic and ready for the challenges that lie ahead but with all these changes that are occurring in Norwich City, it could hinder the amount of points that they secure for the remaining matches of the season.

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