Alex Neil Wants Consistent Performances from Kyle Lafferty

Alex Neil Wants Consistent Performances from Kyle Lafferty

Norwich City have been quite open about the search for a new forward and this has put the future of striker Kyle Lafferty in question.

When asked if the striker was a potential candidate to leave in the summer transfer window, manager Alex Neil claimed that Lafferty had to be more consistent in his performances in order to have a future at Carrow Road. This comes as a direct hint that the club may be prepared to sell him in the last few days of the transfer window. Lafferty spent the last season on loan at Birmingham City.

The player, however, has struggled to establish himself in the last few seasons. Since the 2014-15 campaign, Lafferty has played in three different leagues for three different times. However, he has managed a grand total of 44 games with a return of just five goals. It is seriously starting to threaten his career at the top level. There is a danger of Lafferty being deemed as not being good enough even for the Scottish Premier League. Still just 28 years old, the striker has made 52 appearances for Northern Ireland since his debut in 2006. However, his career has been on a downward spiral for the last few years ever since he decided to leave Rangers.

The striker, however, showed signs of promise after scoring in the EFL cup win over Coventry City. “If Kyle keeps showing up well and keeps producing, there’s a slot for any player who does well here.Whenever you get a chance you’ve got to perform well and I think he (Lafferty) performed well (on Tuesday).But it doesn’t stop with that one performance, he needs to do it the next time he plays and the next time after that,” said Alex Neil, whose team have been highly inconsistent in the league.

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