23 Replies to “AMAZING Soccer Skills !!”

  1. I think soccer is more skilled than american football because in am football a bunch of ppl run into eachother -_- and get lots of brain damage

  2. having played both soccer and American football, to say one is tougher than the other is really ignorant. Football is more demanding as far as contact goes, but is more follow an assignment. stop. follow an assignment. stop. etc. while soccer is far more demanding in endurance and has more room for creativity. 2 totally different games, demanding in their own unique ways.

  3. How can this be a Pussy version of american football if it was made before it

  4. Football is a game where you use your foot to control a leather ball. Note: you do not use your sock.

    Hand egg is a game where you use your hand to control a leather egg. Note: you do not use your foot.

  5. soccer is awesome. every one says ohh u just play soccer because its not a rough game like american football. well i found out tht more people get hurt and injured in soccer than in football. FOOTBALL CAN KISS MY ASS!!!!!! (if u agree like this comment)

  6. @flimflabber especcially when its a frend or family member, it makes me wanna beat there shit

  7. @WWHSAJROTC i know i remember someon going on about te super bowl has more viewers then the world cup

  8. when watching this video i found myself saying oh look its rhonaldiniho again…… or however the hell you spell his friggin name

  9. @Lawreles im not even sure if you get half the game of american football to use your feet.

  10. @flimflabber yes I hate when people although i’m a baseball player I still can play soccer though

  11. @flimflabber your right, i’d much rather be able to do crazy stuff like this then play football

  12. you spelt ‘football’ wrong in the title.
    ‘american football’ is the game in which is played 50% with their hands and 50% with their feet, and yet in ‘soccer’ hands aren’t allowed?

    makes more sense to call football what it is seeming as football is FOOTball, and your ‘american football’, something like soccer, yes?

  13. Apparently people don’t realize that this is the most popular sport in the entire world

  14. @DrDreilly You see, this is one of the rare times a football fan will support their opinion against soccer, and I respect that. I see your point, and as a matter of fact, football does require a lot of skill, mainly in speed and agility, and in the accuracy and technique of throws across great distances.
    The only reason I dislike football is because a play will usually only last 20 seconds, and most players will never touch the ball for the duration of the game.
    OR I’m just bad at football. 🙂

  15. @flimflabber it’s better to be soccerplayers then gorillas attacking eachother

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