24 Replies to “ANTI- BARCELONA barcelona cheats aggainst chelsea FC BARCELONA=CHEATERS”

  1. Barcelona CHEAT
    Barcelona bought Referee against Real Madrid (Barcelona 2-2 Real Madrid)

  2. there will always be no off sides calls and there will always be no penalty kick calls. how many times has the team you root for get breaks on ref calls. cmon

  3. @Macholatino88 Agree! Don’t forget Etoo’s offside goal against Arsenal in the Final in 2006.

  4. @11payman bro you missed 4 situations…
    in 2010 – vs inter in camp nou… wrong red card given to thiago motta thx to an awesome performance from busquets, in the same game, offside goal from pique…
    in 2006 vs benfica – pk not called by the referee, handball from rafael marquez
    2006 vs milan – the referee canceled a goal from shevchenko accused of making a foul when puyol fell alone

  5. Barcelonitis?? haha y sube el vídeo un fan de un equipo que robó las 5 primeras champions + la final contra la Juve por claro fuera de juego de Mijatovic y que además en la época franquista designaba los árbitros de la Real federación española de fútbol… ver para creer… el equipo más beneficiado de la historia del fútbol es el que llora cada dia de los árbitros, antes me hacía grácia veros llorar de esa manera, ahora ya me dais lástima…

  6. I dont get why UEFA doesnt get involved with these incidents and do something. Surely people who get redcarded should be able to protest like in the premier league?

  7. But now Barca have no more money to pay them all !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    pay all players referees and testosteron for Messi
    See at La Liga 10 Points difference !!!!!!!!!!!
    Hala Madrid ! 

  8. Busquets is the gayest player in history every time he is crying
    last time vs Leverkusen

    Puta Puta Barca Fuck up you assholes

    Hala Madrid ! Yesterday_ now and in the future !!!!!!

  9. Barca is the greatest shit in fotball history !
    2009 they cheat and 2011.

    HALA MADRID ! We have won 5 times in a row the Champions League

  10. Barcelona’s goal ain’t offside at all..it’s a 100% valid goal..but there should have been at least 3 penalties for Chelsea.

  11. @LulzWutzBBQ lol yet spurs still ahead of arsenal. ARSENAL is crap now !! HAHA

  12. UEFA is always Barca side and they never punish them. But, God will punish all Barca players,staffs,referees,and stupid supporters when they die! Go to the Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. What the fuck is the referee thinking at 2:56? It’s extra time and it’s 1-1 ( After 5 chelsea disallowed penalties ) and the ref is right in front of the ball.. Blind idiot who was bribed…

  14. @11payman You know that in 2009 Chelsea cannot go to final even they won 10-0. UEFA and Platini himself said that “two english team in CL final is unprofit for UEFA and TV rights.” in 2008 Chelsea vs ManUtd and 2009 cannot be happened.
    In 2010 final InterMilan vs Bayern had small viewers than another CL finals. UEFA maked everything for Barcelona, but Mourinho was against and Inter players too. The most i hated is winning by cheating n diving for penalty…

  15. @11payman if they paid the ref against chelsea, abidal would not have been sent off for a clear anelka dive
    against arsenal, RVP wouldve been booked for his horrible stamp on messi (he actually deserved to be sent off earlier, as it would have been his 2nd)
    against madrid, pepe’s was clear red (whether there was contact is irrelevant, please read the rules before spouting ignorance). and diarra wouldve been sent off (he had like 20 fouls)

    take the madrid blinders off. jealousy is not good

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