12 Replies to “Arsenal 1-1 Sheffield United – FA Cup 2004-05”

  1. Disgraceful Arsenal, Bergkamp trying to be the tough guy, Arsenal players going down like a bunch of pansies, Eboue spitting at Tonge. They need to man up and stop being such pampered ladyboys.

  2. @nasferatu111 I doubt that very much, our ground has always had more atmosphere than that rickety old dump will ever had, we get more atmosphere in L1! The fact of the matter is, it should never have gone to a replay, you should have had us “hanging on for dear life and pens” or whatever rubbish you spout by the end of the tie above, but you didn’t we held our own and took you to a replay, and pens – its nice to know you are still bitter to this day. Chin up.

  3. @lakey30 Highbury was never quiet for big games, only when we played the likes of you lot. On the other hand I went to the replay at your place, where we not only played you off the park (despite you hanging on for dear life and pens), but our away support was excellent while your home fans were utter crap, so save me the Library cliches.

  4. This proves how quiet and shite Highbury the Library was, Sheffield United fans in great voice at the start of this, Annies Song drowning all over noise out. UTB!

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