1. @efcdk92
    I guess so, I probably just remember the Italy vs Australia match in the 2006 World Cup to much.

  2. @Youdontlikemetalomg
    I live in Australia.. down here we call it soccer. Here we call AFL and NRL footy.

  3. @Youdontlikemetalomg
    Im Australia. Over here we call it soccer. Europe calls it football. Most Australians call it soccer. We’ve got our own football.

  4. @ifritpsycho Agreed, in North America with sports like hockey, players play with broken broken limbs, even legs. They take hits get cut get stitched up on the bench then go back on the ice. Im sure rugby players have the same mentality.
    The fact is they need to change the rules, they need to start using video replay and give challenges like in American football where the coach of the team can challenge a call and get it reviewed by video replay.
    This will stop all the bullshit.

  5. @SydyD9797 Nice to see grammatical errors are still prevelant in America. And to even compare the MLS to the EPL is a disgrace. Go sit in a corner.

  6. @Youdontlikemetalomg WTH I’m soo sick of people saying “it’s not soccer”, “your stupid it’s not soccer.” First of IT DOESNT FRIKIN MATTER ITS THE SAME BEAUTIFUL GAME. Second the word “soccer” originated in ENGLAND by the rugby players… OF ENGLAND. It’s short for ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL. Third WTF IS QUEUE?

  7. @Youdontlikemetalomg You’re the moron. Soccer doesn’t have anything to do with “socks”. Soccer = short for ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL. The term was invented by and at one point in time, widely used by the English (and to some respects, still is).

    Sky Sport’s “Soccer AM”?
    ENGLISH BASED magazine “World Soccer”?

    Get over yourself, before you come off as even more ignorant.

  8. and this is why i went rugby.its twats like this bloke that give football such a bad name!

  9. @OFrazzle soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccear socer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccear socer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccear socer soccer soccer soccer socsoccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccear socercer soccer soccer soccear socer

  10. @OFrazzle How about you learn the origins of words before you comment you stupid cunt.

  11. @Youdontlikemetalomg I call it football and do despise the word soccer, but fact is that the word soccer comes from england, not america…

  12. @joalco3 Well if you know it should be called football, do it. The word soccer would then die out.

  13. @Youdontlikemetalomg no fucking shit, we call it that because our country calls it that, its not like we can fucking change it, you really think we dont know that it should be called football

  14. @LeeRoyJenkinsssss Really? Football players have to outnumber American Football players at least 100 to 1. Not a chance in hell for the Yanks here.

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