25 Replies to “Frank Lampard Controversial Goal Against Manchester United”

  1. yes and before evra got down injured, i think it was ballack who also got down injured, but the ref stopped the play so that ballack could get treatment but he didnt do the same to evra…

  2. hahaha he shared half clip what happen is that one of united player i think evra was down injured but ref give chelsea advantage and chelsea scored the goal.

  3. I had to wake myself up several times over the caption “Controversial” and geez, the person must be drunk when he uploaded this video.

  4. Hahaha Frank Lampard is always doing shots like this where its not a clear cut goal. Especially the disallowed goal during the World Cup! But nevertheless, he did scored!

  5. this video doesnt show everyhing Ballack fouled Evra before who went to the floor with a injury and didnt get back up (he wasnt lieing because United wasnt in any danger cus it happened in chelsea’s half so there would be no point pretending) anyway United was expecting chelsea to kick the ball out so Evra could get some treatment which normally happens when someone is injured (fair play) instead chelsea carried on and went on to score.

  6. To be fair, you always play to the whistle. No whistle, so Chelsea played on and scored.

  7. lol this video doesn’t show the whole controversy.. basically ballack fouled Evra, who went down to ground and United waited for Chelsea to kick the ball out (fair play). Instead Chelsea went on to score like the dirty cheats they are..

  8. There is nothing controversial about this goal. If one pauses this video at the 0:54 second mark, he or she will see that the ball clearly bounced off the inside of the post over the line, and then out again.

  9. What is wrong with Lampard shots? They hit the post and then go out, remember World Cup 2010. Clearly a goal

  10. that makes more sense 😛 didnt actually see the game so i was guessing by what i saw on the vid. but thanks for explaining. Hopefully people read that and stop asking why its controversial lol

  11. I was at this game and that was not the reason it was controversial, it was because moments before what the video shows, Ballack basically elbows Evra(which is why video shows him holding his face) and fouls him up the pitch, nothing was awarded and the ref let the game continue when United had a defender down with a head injury and decided not to stop it. Since they scored immedietely its quite controvercial.

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