24 Replies to “Marc Overmars Compilation”

  1. Before his injury at ajax amsterdam he was quicker then Joe hart(altough he was very quick too)overmars never did recover that good after that injury.But the quickest player on the footbal field is for sure tijana babangida.

  2. why dont you shut the fuck up and go make a video you would watch then. moaning little fucktard

  3. terrible music and stupid comp. he was known for his speed and assists, he barely scored. so why do you display only his few goals and not his countless, amazing dribbles and assists?

  4. by far the best winger during the 1998 season in the premier league, had everything for a winger

  5. He’s still my favourite left winger. He had his own style and he was quite impressive. Such speed and efficience. I would hire him right away. He will always be a hero for me!!!

  6. @mxtx100 haha, just noticed this reply. I’d love to know how you made these ridiculous assumptions. I’m 33, havn’t claimed to ‘know’ a single thing, do not spend MOST of my time playing video games(although I do spend a lot).
    The only thing I have commented on is the validity and worth of this video and being an Arsenal Fan and graduate film student know a bit about media production..so I think I do have a right to (a) comment on, and (b) defend this uploaders video.

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