25 Replies to “Robert Pires Dive V Bolton Wanderers”

  1. Lets talk about Kevin Davies………………….or is kicking lumps out of everyone not cheating?

  2. @blueslash23 are you fucking crazy he didnt have cramp, he got up straight away !! that proves you’re a biased prick who does not have a clue what he is talking about.

  3. did he ask for a free kick? no!…if i have leg cramp while running and fell…is that a dive? DO I GET BOOKED? this is crap


  5. this commentator is embaressing… He’s used on ESPN archives and he obviously wasn’t at these games!

  6. lol @ account deleted on reddit. More transparent than a pane of glass.

    Model Citizen? Uncheck, unemployed 15 months
    Original Account? Uncheck, deleted himself on Reddit
    Outdebated? Uncheck, done a runner like before.

    Manozobe always laughing at prats thinking they’re big bollocks!

  7. @Danraemon – You tell me 😀 Maybe because Daddy weren’t around when you were younger? lmao

  8. @Danraemon Sure you do, didn’t you quit to spend time with Daddy? :D Unemployed since Jan 2010 tsk tsk

    Nice try at trying to twist it around lmao!

  9. @Danraemon Of course it won’t, mr workshy 😀 . As I said, “Desperately seeking a job” lol!

  10. @Danraemon There are only two opinions, my one or the wrong one. I’ll keep coming back no matter what, as I know it irritates Arsenal fans like you. Just like unknowngenius upsets all his gaynaldo fans. All your reactions make us come back.

    Yes, I know you’re out of work. Desperately seeking a job my arse lmfao

  11. @Danraemon Of course I knew this, that’s why I said Youtube doesn’t notify you.

    Only the weak play the race card, you started with that when you couldn’t win a debate 😀

    You still haven’t beaten me! I’m still here, even though you have much more time on your hands being out of work and living off the state and living with mummy 😀

  12. @Danraemon You mean you’re not going to cry to Youtube anymore I’m upsetting you? You’re not going to email them a novel that you are upset?

    Who cares if I’m banned, I’ll be back. That will no doubt upset you a great deal, but still, you can complain to Youtube if you want lol!

  13. @Danraemon lol @ boasting about an original Youtube account. You really thought I’d be impressed didn’t you?

    Glad that’s what makes you happy in life! Don’t forget to email Youtube I’m getting on your nerves, let the teacher know you’re being bullied. Good little boy!

  14. @Danraemon You cried to them because you couldn’t win an argument. Why else would you email them? I struck a nerve and you cried to the teacher.

    Youtube do not notify of terminated accounts. Stop trying to pretend you know how it works lol

    Wow you have an original account, want a medal??? lmfao.

    You might as well email them again and cry I’m back chatting you :`(

  15. @Danraemon probably account 17, are you going to take a glory at getting them all banned when it was due to copyright? Where is your proof there then? lol

    I’m glad I upset you enough to cry to Youtube, I must have made you angry!

    I enjoy Spurs getting further than Arsenal. How times change!

    To conquer someone you have to win. I’m still here and you’re still stalking me 😉 . Shouldn’t you be crying to Youtube now because I am upsetting you again? lol

  16. @Danraemon lol, if it makes you feel good that you’re a snitcher then that’s up to you. That’s what cowards do 😀

    Your football knowledge isn’t good, as before you had forgotten that how many league cups Arsenal had won, which you forgot about lmfao

    Going to cry to Youtube again because you couldn’t beat me in an argument before? *sob sob* Email away! Unknowngenius already told me to comeback, it’s good that I annoy you Arsenal fans enough to cry to Youtube 😀

  17. @Danraemon Pele also said Nicky Butt was the best player in the world.

    Pele also counted his goals in the reserves and army.

    He’s about as credible as Ghadaffi.

    Yes I remember Pires being great enough to play for the likes of Barca and Real Madrid lol

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