24 Replies to “UEFA Champions League Chelsea Vs Barcelona Stamford Bridge May 6th 2009 A Disgrace For Football”

  1. @ukmediaisjewish Inter beat Barce fair and square. there was one controversial decision which the ref disallowed the Barce goal because a Barce hand ball, to be fair the whistle had blown before the goal, but Barce were too busy attacking to hear it. given the fact that an Inter player got sent off because Busquets did that funniest dive in the history of football, i would say it was fair. this game was however ridiculous.

  2. @raamik agreed, might be the best footballing team in the world IMO, but this game was such bullshit, and im a liverpool fan..

  3. UEFA didn’t want a repeat of the previous final.. Even though that’s how it clearly should’ve been!! EPL dominates La Liga and this just proves it.. it should’ve been 2 years of complete english domination in Europe…but of course the refs love Barca -___- CFC <3

  4. if i had the chance i wud have beat the crap into that ref there and then and id say a lot of chelsea fans wud have done the same but obviously that was just raw temper.

  5. @alporcobagnato Im not proud of beeing Norwegian after this :p But proud to be a CFC fan! <3

  6. Everyone will soon realize that Spain should’ve never won the WC. FIFA help Inter/Italy, Barcelona/Spain and give them a 12th man on the pitch.

  7. This just pisses off!! Barca are such fucking cheats that its annoying!!

  8. Surves chelsea right! hahahah! barca are cheets! and so are Chelsea! youv gota be a cheet to win these days

  9. i also am normally not such a fan of chelsea but barca is not football

  10. no he can talk like that… chelsea could of won the cl final that year and im a man utd fan…

  11. 2 years on and this STILL angers me watching this. FUCK UEFA. FUCK BARCELONA.

  12. Why the fuck can drogba not act like that they were well and truly robbed, by a fucking aresole of a man, its not as if they just lost the game after a huge effort they clearly outplayed barca and they were blatantly cheated out of the game many times !

    Souness knows whats going on ! haha

  13. @Joylevinstein Off course I know that very very very well, Barce are the biggest cheaters on the planet, put them in a game with a ref against them and they will know how it feels

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