1. @panoukos156 and as long as you don’t like fake injuries and stuff….why do you support barca? they are like the holywood of football!! true talented actors! very possible on being nominated at next oscar awards!

  2. @Ajf81096 stupid? no way! pique’s hand was obvious to EVERYONE before even the first replay how can the referree that is his job to see it and he didnt? but yes…i agree its not about paid maybe….but one thing is sure….something’s goin on…call it friendship between barca president and uefa president,call it connections ,call it what you want but there’s definately something!

  3. @panoukos156 It’s a good point, but I don’t like it when teams cheat, or fake injuries, but honestly I don’t think that the refs were payed, rather he is just stupid

  4. @Ajf81096 see this is when people are talking about a mentally retarded person.they mean people like you exactly..i have no hard feelings for you i just feel sorry…sorry because you believe that everything in this world is not corrupted..”if chelsea was a better team they would have win” IF THE REFERREE HAD GIVEN 4 OF THE MOST OBVIOUS PNELATIES EVER THE FUCKING SCORE WOULD HAVE BEEN 5-1!!!!!! but you know..if you say so….end of story ;) stick with your thinking and waste your life

  5. @panoukos156 Yeah… if Chelsea was the best team the would have beaten Barcelona, end of fucking stoy

  6. @ultimateblaze23
    i support chrlsea butbarcelona could beat us any day

  7. At that time i was 12 it really broke my heart i cried day and nigjht over this now my father is a fan of barca and i just can’t look at them anymore…..i even find their playstayle boring there are just a bunch of midgets passing the…….now im a basketball payer and i really enjoy basketball more,maybe even because there is less cheating

  8. @Delmago they will probably not even get into top 3. Their players will be injured after three matches cause they can’t handle the physique…

  9. forgiveness ,only leave Barcelona and Spain was not his fault farmhouse were most of the staff of Falselona….. Platini only forgives them, Real Madrid is clearly hated by the uefa…

  10. quiet English Real Madrid this year ended with Barca. hala madrid y hala la comunidad de madrid

  11. As a wise black man once said, “It’s a disgrace, it’s a disgrace, it’s a Fucking disgrace”

  12. @TheAnfieldreds1
    Abolsute bollocks, Barca would walk the fucking shit Premier league, if Man United are top, then Barca would walk it – ManU are England’s best?| God help us

  13. Just like when Chelsea cheated Liverpool in the QFs? We were 2-0 up and you dive everywhere to disrupt our passing, then you dive for your 2nd goal from a freekick – Chelsea got what they deserved vs Barca, for putting 10 men behind the ball away at the Nou Camp, pathetic typical anti-football Chelsea scum

  14. I’m a hardcore Chelsea fan, and I remember I cried right after that match… Not because of the loss but because of a world-class robbery that has been made in front of thousands of people… And this game is the main reason why I hate Barcelona.

  15. Put Barcelona in a tougher league like England’s and i guarantee you they wont be champions.

  16. barcelona win all there games because its 15 v 11…..the referee, 2 linesman and 4th official

  17. @BarcaBeliever and eto’os handball be honest they were cheated I am a barca fan I love them and I don’t miss a game leo is the best but I know a fair play and I can admit when my team didn’t deserve all the slides they got

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