Paul Clement denies Alan Curtis being Fired from Club

Paul Clement denies Alan Curtis being Fired from Club

Paul Clement has denied that Alan Curtis has been fired from Swansea altogether and will not take part in club affairs in any capacity now.

According to Clement, Curtis has only been taken away from the coaching set up, but, the club does not want to part ways with him. The president and the entire top brass are really keen to slot him in some other vital position where he can make a difference from.

Curtis’ name is associated with Swansea for four and a half decades and in the past, it’s been said by the Swans’ bigwigs that the Welshman can remain with the club for as long as he wants to.

But, yesterday it got reported that Curtis received an SMS on his phone in which he was informed that the club did not want to have his services anymore.

It caused supporters’ outrage after which Swansea had to respond and they came up with the clarification that there was no such SMS sent to Curtis.

As per Swansea, Curtis was only told that he could take a break from his duties for a short time if he needed it as the new manager had arrived at the club and he would take charge.

But, there were no hints dropped to him that there was no way-back for him to the club. He is indispensable for the club and the club intends to have him forever.

Clement, in his interview, just echoed that too as he revealed that there was going to be a meeting between Curtis and the club president on Friday in which the potential new position of Curtis would be talked about and everybody was hopeful that the 63-year old would agree to work on and wouldn’t leave.


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