12 Replies to “Sports: World Cup Controversy – nytimes.com/video”

  1. People are watching the world cup ignoring a disaster
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  2. USA could have had a red card at the start of the game by the way when Dempsey gave an elbow, so the USA should actually be glad with this outcome, although it was no offside indeed

  3. An A-Jazeera reporter took that ball to a township and had some kids kick it around, their reviews were positive.

  4. Ivory all the way! I think the biggest controversial issue is vuvuzela…. I like it, and those who opous it make more noise then vuvuzela.

  5. Who gives a rats ass! I’ve watched 4 games and I’m bored to death and that’s why really I could care less who wins even if it’s the USA. 1-1 score and it still counts boring!!!!!

  6. wage a war to win a Nobel Peace Prize
    wage a war to win a World Cup
    wage a war to bully the WORLD

    Nobel PISS Prize

    killing human beings on a massive scale is fun & games for USA

    Killing people is like virtual computer games for Americans; predator droning people from undisclosed, remote location

    killing human beings on a massive scale, yet has the temerity to be preaching high ideals like HUMAN RIGHTS & FREEDOM

    we like wars
    we are war like people



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