7 Replies to “US Team Kicks Around Ball Controversy”

  1. We call it soccer but only because we can’t use the term football. Unfortunately, just because we call it soccer here doesn’t mean we’re insulting the game or other countries who call it football. Please be respectful of our nation because I don’t think anyone here has dissed another country. Also, I read that soccer was just an abbreviation for the “soccer” association back in the day (not sure). However, huge football fans do call ot football but it’s confusing to call it that in interviews.

  2. the ball is remotely controlled, there’s a FIFA official in a secret room on each stadium navigating the ball on long shots

  3. @matman125 were talking about football here not cheese get it right dont go off subject. cheers

  4. @andycats you know, it was a brit who came up with the word “soccer”, so if you don’t like it you can punch your own mama on the face 🙂

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